Ausstellung Agora Galerie New York

  • Unbound Perspectives Agora Gallery NY
  • Unbound Perspectives Agora Gallery NY
  • Unbound Perspectives Agora Gallery NY
  • Speach I. Habegger , Unbound Perspectives Agora Gallery NY
  • Unbound Perspectives Agora Gallery NY
  • Isabelle mit Clara Lemaire von Agora Team
  • Isabelle mit Galeristin Angela di Bello
  • Isabelle mit besucherinnen
  • Isabelle mit Silke u. Sylvia - 2. Ausstellung Interpretive Realms
  • Isabelle mit Lady Gioconda Künstlerin - 2. Ausstellung Interpretive Realms
  • Besucher der Galerie - 2. Ausstellung Interpretive Realms

Agora Gallery
530 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001
Vereinigte Staaten

Unbound Perspectives und Interpretive Realms

Isabelle Habegger präsentiert erstmals ihre Arbeiten im Big Apple und überzeugt die Besucher der Agora Gallery im hippen Chelsea.

Originaltext zur Ausstellung

Through her unique approach to painting, Swiss artist Isabelle Habegger is able to transform her subject for the viewer, giving them a fresh view and a new perspective on the spiritual nature of familiar objects and forms. Her work is alternatively abstract and figurative, with her representational work focused on capturing natural landscapes and elements, as well as human forms. A unique style is achieved as she combines various shapes, moods, and colors into harmonic compositions and inspiring vistas. In Habegger’s paintings, colors are used skillfully to set the mood for the entire piece. What results are works that are highly expressionistic and imbued with meaning. A hallmark of Habegger’s work is the level of freedom in her brushstrokes. Forms flow from one to the next, whether she is composing representational images or abstract renderings.

In the end, Habegger’s paintings are a reaction to the bombardment of stimuli we humans encounter every day. It is the artist’s greatest hope that her viewers will be soothed and find inspiration in the spiritual nature of her work.


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